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About Bali
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Bali is an island in Indonesia, but it's also one of the provinces of Indonesia. Bali lies between Java and Lombok Island. Denpasar is the capital of his province, which is located in the south of the island. The majority of Balinese are Hindu. In the world famous Bali as a tourist destination with a unique variety of art-culture results, especially for the Japanese and Australian tourists. Bali is also known as Island of the Gods.

The island of Bali has a population of around 4 million people, 92.3% with the majority Hindu religion. Other religions of Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, and Buddhism.

Apart from tourism, the Balinese are also a living from agriculture and fisheries. Some also choose to be an artist. The language used in Bali is Indonesian, Balinese, and English especially for those working in the tourism sector.

Balinese and Indonesian is the language most widely used in Bali, Indonesia, and as other people, most Balinese people are bilingual or even Trilingual. Although there are several dialects in the language of Bali, the Balinese usually is used in relationship as an option in communication. Traditionally, the use of various dialects of the language is determined by the color of Bali chess system in Hindu Dharma; Although the implementation of such a tradition at this time has been reduced.

English is the third (and the primary foreign language) for many of the people of Bali, which is influenced by the great needs of the tourism industry. Employees who work in information centers tourists in Bali.

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