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Museum in Bali


Bali Art Center
Jalan Nusa Indah, East Denpasar, tel. (0361) 227176

Exhibit of modern paintings and wood carvings in a vast area consisting of several buildings and also the stage for opening and closing dances, complete with restaurant facilities, shops, and other facilities. Open from 8am to 5pm, Tuesday to Sunday. Bali Art Festival is held every year around June and July. A combination of arts in Bali and outside Bali art even from some foreign countries are also performed here. Lasted for a whole month, handicraft exhibitions and dances are always performed every day.

Agung Rai Museum of Arts (ARMA)
Pengosekan street, Ubud, tel. (0361) 976,659.

Open daily from 8am - 6pm. Various collections and exhibitions can be seen from one room to another involves various styles of painting in Bali and some of the work of painters Java and painters from all over the country

Antonio Blanco Museum
Campuhan Ubud, tel. (0361) 975502

Distinctiveness of the painting is a painting Blanco erotic or naked women and he is one of professional painters for self-portrait.

Archaeological Museum
Pejeng village, Gianyar, tel. (0361) 942352

Open from 8am to 3pm each working day. Variety of jewelry or ornaments, the tools of the stone age or the bronze age exhibited here.

Library history Kirtya Gedong
Jalan Veteran, Singaraja. tel. (0362) 25,141

The only museum in Buleleng. Located in the Open from 7am hour - 3pm, Monday - Kemis, half-day Friday and Saturday closed Sunday. For the very interested in the history of Bali and also information about how the Dutch in Bali at first, this museum is recommended to visit. There are about 3000 old palm-leaf, written on palm leaves, and a variety of stories, news and calendar of the Dutch colonial era.

Museum Bali
Jalan Lt. Col. Wisnu, Denpasar. Tel (0361) 235,059.

Open every day except Monday from 8am to 5pm and closed 2 hours early on Friday. Various objects, ranging from historic objects, old paintings and modern, Balinese handicrafts, traditional tools, to bind the fabric samples, miniature religious ceremonies, and examples of dance in Bali on display in this museum.

The buildings in the museum is also very interesting. Each building represents the building model castle / castle located in Bali.

Museum Manusa Yadnya

Open every day but often do not have employees on duty. There are two buildings that display a picture or model of humans range yadnya ceremony (a ceremony for the men) in Bali.

Museum Neka
Jalan Raya Ubud Campuhan, tel (0361) 975074

Open daily from 9am - 5pm. Highly recommended for anyone who is interested in the development of painting in Bali. The museum opened in 1982, consists of several buildings arranged in a beautiful garden.

Castle Museum Painting
Jalan Raya Ubud, tel. (0361) 975136

Open daily from 8am - 4pm. There are a variety of painting / fine arts exhibited in several separate buildings with a garden that is well equipped with pool, statues and fountains.

Subak Museum
Village Road Sanggulan Kediri, Tabanan, tel. () 810315

Open from 8am - 2pm, Monday to Kemis, closing at 11am on Friday and 12.30pm on Saturday. Great place to learn or deepen and agricultural irrigation systems in Bali.

Rudana Museum
Peliatan Teges Ubud Bali

Museums Antonio Blanco
Jl. Raya Campuhan-Ubud-Bali

Museum Le Majeur
Jl. Hangtuah Sanur

Museum Kirtya
Jl. Vetran Singaraja

Museum Pasifika
Block P BTDC Area Nusa Dua

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