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Monday, 21 May 2012 08:07

Situs Megalithic Gunung Padang

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Megalithic sites in the district of Gunung Padang is located precisely in the region Cianjur Mountain Tea Plantation Manik, not in the know with certainty whether the site history when, why and by whom built this site
Gunung Padang estimated megalith sites are located since 5700 years BC. To reach the top of the stairs are steep mountain Padang along 180 meters. Megalithic sites Gunung Padang consists of 3 levels.
At the first level is the stairs to the megalith site of Mount Padang, the second level is the Gateway to the site there is a square-shaped formations formations such as a meeting place or a sort of terrace. at the very top level can be met in the form of stone stone procedures in such a way resembling a throne, a meeting place and a variety of musical instruments made ​​of stone, the stone produces a particular sound that is similar to the sound of gamelan.
Residents around believe the myth that existed at the site, some believe by doing something on the stone is the stone of hope they can come true.
At this time still in the research done on the site

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