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Almonds, peanuts, rich benefits

Almond (Prunus Oil) is a plant that originated in the Middle East, walnut is a drupe consisting of the outer shell wrapped in a hard shell. Almonds are usually sold with, or even in the form of shells, which were also released.

Although almonds come from the Middle East, but now many countries that process them, including the United States, Spain, Syria, Italy, Iran, Morocco, Turkey and China.

Almonds can be consumed and processed. Almonds can be added to ice cream or chocolate cake. Almonds can also be made into almond milk is specially designed for people with lactose intolerance, as well as vegetarian.

Almond oil contains 49%, consisting of 62% omega-9 fatty acids, omega-6 acid 24% fat, palmitic acid and 6%. Amigdalae smoking is a kind of almond oil, glyceryl oleate related. This oil has a mild odor and taste of nuts, alcohol is not soluble, but soluble in chloroform or ether.
Almonds contain 26% carbohydrates (fiber 12%, sugar 6.3% and 0.7% starch). In addition to vitamin E-rich almonds, namely 24 mg per 100 g (1). Almonds have a lot of unsaturated fatty acids that can lower LDL cholesterol. Other nutrients found in almonds, vitamin C, vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc.

Almonds have the benefits of accelerating the movement of food in the colon and prevent colon cancer
Several recent studies almonds may also reduce LDL cholesterol. Almonds have anti-inflammation, strengthen immunity and protection of the liver.


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