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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Apart from its beauty, aloe has a range of health benefits. Some say the history, many nations (Arabic, Roman, Greek, Indian and Chinese) have used aloe vera as a medicine to treat various diseases since 1500 BC.

An American citizen who found the benefits of aloe vera gel in 1940. According Aloe vera can protect the body from the sun. Some results showed, aloe vera can slow the work of HIV.

Aloe vera gel is believed to strengthen the immune system. Substances contained in them can block the HIV virus or stimulate job working immune system of patients with AIDS.

In addition, aloe vera can also improve the digestive system. Responsible aloemoedin and aloebarbadiod contained in it are anthraquinone compounds belonging to this category that facilitates the digestive system.

As an antiseptic and a natural antibiotic
One of the substances contained in aloe vera (ie saponin content), it is effective to kill germs. While the anthraquinone compounds can relieve pain and function as antibiotics. It also stimulates new skin cells.

Protects skin from dehydration
Lignin content of gel can protect the skin from dryness and maintain moisture. Lignin used in various cosmetics manufacturers and beauty care.

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