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Soy is rich nutritional value and is one of the eight essential amino acids the body needs food and humans.
Unlike other food-saturated uterus and can not be digested can be found in most pet foods contain soy has no cholesterol, has a lower percentage of calories compared to proteins and act as a food that is not fattening.

Soybeans also contain calcium, iron, potassium and phosphorus. Soybeans are also rich in vitamin B complex. Soy protein, high calcium, foods containing high, soybean is also unique because it is free from toxic chemicals. While the fatty tissues of animals known to contain 20 times as much steel, heavy, toxic and poisonous plants, insects rather than plants that contain peanuts.

Research on humans showed that the polysaccharides in soy can lower glucose levels in post-Rial property and triglycerides, and disruption of insulin-glucose ratio mail Property Rial (after eating). This proves that the polysaccharide content in soybeans to control high blood sugar in the body. Diabetes mellitus arising out of or disturbance in the function of insulin is less, so the blood sugar rose far above the normal range. Intake of soy milk may help control blood sugar levels that exceed normal limits, thus helping the symptoms of this sugar.

Contained in soy protein rich in amino acids arginine and glycine known. Both amino acid is a component of the hormone insulin secreted by the pancreas and the glycogen in our body. Therefore, a higher intake of protein from soy, hormone secretion and insulin in the body increased tissue glycogen.
With the increase of this hormone insulin, blood glucose levels will be reduced because some will be converted into energy. This is what ultimately makes the symptoms of diabetes can be suppressed

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