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Celery benefits

Celery is a vegetable / plant, many of the traditional society of China has long been used to lower blood pressure. This may be because the content of apigenin, the narrowing of the arteries can occur. These effects will be greater because the components that can relax the blood vessels Pthalide.

Plants that a scientific name of celery Apium Grafeolens also an important contribution to the world of beauty. The leaves are used to nourish and maintain healthy hair. Medically, celery contains nutrients and vitamins that are essential for daily use. Want to know more?

In ancient Rome, the celery plant used as a decorative wreath or a grave of the dead. While the development of science, around 1640, the botanist said that celery can be used as a vegetable. These new facilities are recognized as medicinal plants scientifically effective for year 1942. This herb is thought to contain vitamins A, C and B1. In addition, celery contains many minerals such as sodium, chlorine, potassium (potash) and magnesium.

High levels of sodium in celery is very useful for maintaining the vitality of the body. Rural communities to heat the diseased celery memnfaatkan in children with a way to cure the pound sterling and membalurkannya. Although the results of celery juice can be used for black hair. Celery is also believed that many diseases such as diarrhea cure, diabetes, epilepsy, migrants, small intestine, the blood and prevent strokes, improve hormone functions contains, and purifies the blood. celery juice, celery large can increase intelligence, to solve herpes, and mumps.

celery herb plant was originally from Europe and Asia subtrotip. Celery Apium scientific name gravoelens, Linn. Vegetation on the plateau at 900 m above sea level. In this area, the stems and leaves of celery is grown thick. Celery plants 25-100 cm. Stems angular and longitudinal grooves. Have much interest in a small format. The flowers are greenish white. Celery plants are classified as vegetables.

These crops can be grown in all places, both in lowlands and highlands. It grows well in moist and lush. Can be grown from seed or by removing the child rumpunnya in the pot. The leaves are used as a supplement to the smell / taste in the kitchen. Celery can also be used as a vegetable or salad.

Celery is divided into three types, or celery, and celery pieces berumbu. In general, celery beumur harvested after six weeks. Petiole slightly older Cut 1 cm above the base of the leaf. young leaves were harvested and then allowed to grow. Fleshy stems and fleshy leaves can be eaten raw in salads. While the leaves can be used to flavor soups. Celery, which grows in tropical areas, with a size smaller than the shaft so that all parts of plants used as vegetables.

You know, every 100 grams of celery is: Calories 20 kcal, 1 g protein, 0.1 grams fat, 4.6 grams carbohydrates, 50 mg calcium, phosphorus 40 mg, 1 mg iron, vitamin A 130 S1, 0.03 mg of vitamin B1 and vitamin C 11 mg.

Celery and many Apiin a diuretic substance that is useful for increasing the volume of urine. Celeriac nutrient peluruh stimulate digestive enzymes and urine (diuretic). While fruits and seeds in a crisis reliever (antipasmodik), the resulting blood levels of uric acid, antirematik, peluruh urine (diuretic), flatus peluruh (carmintive) afrodisak and tranquilizers (sedatives).

Said Dr. Mieristika Rooselani Dura Skin, celery has a high nutritional content. "When we talk about a lot of celery to the health and beauty benefits. This herb contains nutrients and fitonoutrien. Celery also contains pro-vitamin A (karetenoid), vitamin B and vitamin C, minerals, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, chlorine, potassium / potassium, magnesium, apigenin asparagine, kholin, saporin, essential oils, consisting of sedatives (phathalide) and fiber. obet grass can be used as an alternative to various diseases, "he said.

Dermatologist and cosmetologist, is added, a very effective medical celery beauty. Also celery can also choose which way you want nice hair. "Celery Herba helped a great contribution to the world of beauty. Celery proven effective at stimulating growth and maintaining healthy hair, especially the hair of a newborn up to age a few years. Also, celery is good, is worn to prevent wrinkles on the face, dissolving fat and lose weight, as an antidote to free radicals an antioxidant and protects the skin elasticity and firmness and eliminate bad breath, "said
On Celery also contains phytosterols, which are very effective at lowering cholesterol levels in the blood.

Besides working to prevent cancer and a good permeability of the skin to lay down. Celery is also beneficial in maintaining oral hygiene and dental care, particularly for the elderly.

raw celery can stimulate saliva production, so it can help to cripple the activities of germs that may cause brittle teeth. Celery, because the fiber content, it can also clean the debris between the teeth. Also celery also refreshing smell of the mouth.

Please note that celery is a relatively good nutritional components which are the amount of vitamin K and vitamin C contained in the excellent category. The contents of potassium, folate, fiber, vitamin B6, manganese and Uncategorized. Celery also contains a source enough calcium, vitamin B1, magnesium, vitamin A, tryptophan, iron and vitamin B12 reduced.

In order to achieve optimal effectiveness, the color of green celery and choice still look huge and complex, are still fresh. To try to save them with plastic wrap before putting it in the fridge.


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