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Written by Dewi Gading   

Yogyakarta is one of the provinces in Indonesia is located on the island of Java, Yogyakarta is famous for Javanese culture. Arts and culture is an integral part in the life of the people of Yogyakarta. From childhood to adulthood, the people of Yogyakarta will very often see and even, following the various arts and cultural events in the city. For the people of Yogyakarta, in which every stage of life has its own meaning, tradition is an important thing and still be carried out until now. Tradition also must not be separated from the art presented in the ceremonies that tradition. Community-owned arts Yogyakarta is very diverse. These various arts are beautiful strung in a traditional ceremony. So for the people of Yogyakarta, art and culture really become an integral part of their lives.

Art in Yogyakarta typical example is kethoprak, Jathilan, and puppet kulit.yogyakarta also known for silver and a unique style of making batik dyed fabric. he was also known for contemporary art alive. Yogyakarta is also known as gamelan music, including the unique style Gamelan Yogyakarta.

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